Emmanuel Goedseels appointed as new President of the Belgian Public Relations and Public Affairs Consultants Associations (BPRCA)

Emmanuel Goedseels appointed as new President of the Belgian Public Relations and Public Affairs Consultants Associations (BPRCA)

Reinforcing Belgian PR & Communication community by reaching out to other disciplines and countries

The Board of Directors of the BPRCA has elected Emmanuel Goedseels (Whyte Corporate Affairs) as President of the Association for the next two years. He will succeed Jean-Léopold Schuybroek (Interel). Jean-Léopold remains on the board, together with Anja D’Hondt (duomedia), Bruno Leyssens (RCA Group), Luc Missinne and Gunther De Backer (Comfi). 


The BPRCA represents the majority of public relations consultancies based in Belgium. Members of this association reach a total consolidated annual turnover of more than 35 million euros, of which almost 30 million euros are fee-based.


Last year the BPRCA set up a permanent secretariat to coordinate its activities, including: trainings which now extended into a true BPRCA Academy, representation in national and international associations such as ICCO, and the organisation of conferences and events, such as the bi-yearly IBIS Awards (in cooperation with 3C).


The BPRCA’s mission is to guarantee the professionalism of its members and their adherence to the international code of ethics. Furthermore the BPRCA intends to strengthen relations and intensify exchanges amongst a growing number of communication consultants sharing mutual interests. Next to the large communication consultancies who are already members of the BPRCA, many new players have emerged, either independent or embedded in a larger corporate structure. This is the result of the rapid changes of the communication industry landscape fueled by the growing importance of social media, where corporate and marketing communication strategies become ever more integrated. Today PR professionals want to offer valuable content and information in order to efficiently engage with its stakeholders. Therefore the BPRCA wants to reach out to other disciplines and unite them into a single and integrated PR and Communication community.


The BPRCA will also strengthen its relations with its counterparts in neighboring countries such as  The Netherlands (VPRA), France (Syntec RP) and United Kingdom (PRCA)..


About the BPRCA

The Belgian Public Relations Consultants Association (BPRCA, www.bprca.be) is the only professional association in Belgium representing Public Relations consultancies for companies. The association has currently 26 members (January 2015).

The BPRCA’s mission is to support and promote the profession of consultant in communication, public relations & public affairs, to defend the professional interests of its members and to ensure their professionalism and deontology.

The BPRCA also represents its members at international level in the ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Association – www.iccopr.com).

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